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During many years of engaging with business owners and their management teams, when we ask what they believe their biggest barriers to growth could be, time and time again, they say that they need:

  • More new clients
  • More profitable clients
  • Existing clients to stay loyal and use more of your services/products.

They also state that generating new leads and client acquisition is one of their biggest challenges.

Your company survives on profitable clients. The quantity and quality of your clients help determine the value of your business, and whether your organisation is investing in new facilities and markets and paying bonuses – or closing down operations and handing out redundancy notices.

Often, however, as business owners or managers, your expertise may not lie in sales and marketing. Many people have a fear of selling and the pressure of driving sales for the business can be extreme.

Do you relate to any of the below? You or your team may be:

  • Uncomfortable in the selling role.
  • Struggling to differentiate your business from the competition.
  • Concerned that you’re not talking with the right people often enough to bring business in.
  • Frustrated at lengthening sales cycles – often hearing prospective customers say they want to “think it over”.
  • Disappointed that your sales team are underperforming.
  • Dismayed that you can’t recruit the right person for the sales team.
  • Uncertain how to take your successful business to the next level.

Indigo provide the support to enable businesses to grow through the following five key aspects of sales:

The above support can be provided separately or combined with any other. Eliminate the pain of sales by engaging our personal, professional support in the form of coaching, training or consultancy. We will help you to improve you’re client acquisition and reach your targets.

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We have enjoyed a long term business relationship with Indigo for the last two years. They quickly and effectively helped us with our marketing and then moved onto the sales strategy to ensure we were aiming in the right direction.Bryan Cantle – Managing Director – Ischia Solutions

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