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Why Work with Indigo?

Business development is the heart of every business. Indigo are specialists in all areas of sales & marketing. We work with clients who have growth potential, where the core focus is to assist in winning and keeping profitable clients, to ensure long term success. By the implementation and systemization of an effective sales and marketing strategy, along with identifying areas of improvement within the total sales process, the results can be dramatic.

Would you like to benefit from:

  • A shorter selling cycle
  • More effective prospecting
  • Higher comfort level when calling at the top
  • Qualifying out non-prospects early so as not to waste time
  • Higher conversion rates from prospects to clients in competitive situations
  • More effective management of complex/larger customers
  • Higher ‘per sale’ average
  • Better relationships with prospects and clients
  • More effective negotiations
  • More effective team selling
  • More accurate forecasting
  • Higher activity levels
  • An overall increase in morale

A recent client in wealth management increased their conversion from prospects to clients by a massive 46% by specific sales coaching. Three of our recent clients in professional services, who took our marketing campaign support, more than doubled their instructions within certain departments.

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With over 20 years of hands on experience in sales, marketing and sales management within the corporate environment, we have applied this invaluable experience to the SME market during the last 5 years. Implementing key business development strategies ensures we achieve high business growth, together.

This vital blend of extensive hands – on experience, strategic sales & marketing planning and evaluation of the sales process provides you with support to achieve excellent long- term business growth.

Increase sales by understanding these points.

“Sales is an outcome, not a goal. You have to earn it.”
“Think about everything from your customer’s perspective, not yours.”
“Using clever objection handling techniques insults your prospects intelligence.”
“Never let ‘no budget’ stop you. Every day, people change priorities on how to spend their money. “
“Be your buyers resource centre. Educate them on what’s possible.”
“Your prospects read your introduction emails with their finger on the delete key!”

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Our business is quite complex and specialist and it was important for us to work with a company like Indigo, who could understand our offering and target market. Dawn worked with us to create a sales strategy and ensured that we were fully focused on the activity that was required to grow the business. Louise Harvey – Amadeus

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