Are you uncomfortable in the selling role?

Although our services are relevant to all industries, we find people in professional services and technical services particularly, have a need for support due to the lack of exposure to business development roles.

Due to Indigo’s experience in the IT sector, we understand that people in technical roles find themselves in front of the client, with a responsibility to win the business.

Sometimes, in the SME market, it’s the founder who has the technical ability but they find themselves holding the sales targets. It’s not always what comes naturally. Indigo can help by bridging that gap and coaching skills that can be enlightening and most importantly, speed up the sales process and increase the amount of clients that you gain.

Ask yourself if you really follow these principles?

Always be relevant, your prospects don’t have time for anything else.”

“Think about everything from your customer’s perspective, not yours.”

“Your prospect knowledge is more important than product knowledge.”

“When you keep it simple, it’s easier for your prospect to buy from you.”

“If you don’t understand your customers business challenges, you can’t win”

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