Sales campaigns for new business generation

Are you building enough sales pipeline?
β€œIf opportunity doesn’t knock – build a door!”

The whole sales process often goes wrong because people do not create enough opportunities. If you fail to ensure that you are always producing new opportunities, you will never have a robust sales process. So many businesses find themselves hanging on to the bottom line for those few opportunities they have to come through.

Indigo is proud to collaborate with Integritybc, who provide our clients with a highly competitive, new business appointment making service. Having worked with many telemarketing companies, Integrity stand way above the rest in terms of effectiveness and service. They will also guarantee appointment numbers and provide our clients with the best value for money.

In addition to telemarketing, we can complement your business growth activity with additional marketing for lead generating. Within a few weeks, you could be attending numerous, well qualified new business meetings and dramatically building your pipeline. Indigo can help prior to, during and/or post campaign, if required. This will ensure you enjoy the highest return on investment for your campaign, by converting the maximum opportunities, as soon as possible.


Support in this area includes:

  • Reviewing your value proposition – this is key to ensure you are portraying the right message through problem mapping.
  • Identifying relevant and profitable target market groups – ensure your prospecting efforts are focused so as not to waste time.
  • Choosing the most effective lead generation activity for your business good data – key to achieving a good volume and quality of enquiries.
  • Collating good data – key to successful lead generation.

The right guidance at the start can make all the difference to a successful campaign. Take advantage of our FREE pre Sales-campaign session to set you on the right track. Sign up for this complimentary session on the right hand side.

Post campaign

How can you make it easier for clients to understand the value they get from you?
Support in this area includes:
  • The sales cycle – Ensuring you understand the pitfalls and qualify at each step.
  • Effective follow up – Create the right impression and position your meetings effectively.
  • Engaging with prospects – Communication, relationship building, understanding how you can really add value, building powerful presentations and proposals that make you stand above the competition.
  • Monitoring the sales activity – Understanding sales ratios and their GAPS, working through activity plans & CRM management.

β€œWhen a business has invested both time and money generation leads, it’s very easy to forget that the sole purpose of this activity is to ultimately convert as many as possible into new business.

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