Are you feeling the weight of having to gain more clients?

The professional services sector is changing. Previously, business would grow just through word of mouth and with a small degree of marketing. It’s becoming so much more competitive and unless firms really focus on marketing and client acquisition, they are likely to be left behind.

Indigo work with professional law firms, maximizing their ability to secure new clients by deploying powerful marketing and client acquisition strategies to:

  • Satisfy clients who need more sophisticated services and greater value add
  • Instil a proactive business development and active marketing culture in the practice
  • Develop a strategy that encourages all levels of the organisation to contribute to winning new business with minimal investment

When you don’t have formal sales training and you find yourself responsible for business development, it can be a difficult prospect. You may be great at your chosen profession but find the constant responsibility of gaining new clients quite daunting.

We find that especially with solicitors and accountants, partners and fee earners feel they need to act as ‘sales people’. The good news is that a typical sales style does not need to be adopted.

Through specific tools and exercises used in professional services, Indigo can help you through this process to ensure that your firm creates more enquiries and in turn, dramatically increases the level of instructions.


Confidence can be a key barrier to feeling comfortable in a business development environment. We will help you to shift your mind-set and demonstrate true value to potential clients, by ‘helping’ them, not ‘selling’ to them. We will also show you how to connect emotionally with your clients. People make decisions ’emotionally’ when buying professional services.


Proving your capabilities is usually second nature to people in professional services. However, demonstrating a real insight into your prospects needs is also key to gaining clients commitment. Indigo will guide you to position yourselves to offer the best ‘client buying experience’ possible, ensuring you build the trust and add real value to each prospect. Thus providing a very personal service.


Once you identify key marketing activities and techniques in client acquisition through training or coaching, business development will flow more naturally.

Six realities of selling professional services

Sales reality 1: If you have an emotional connection with your client – you are much more likely to close the sale.

Sales reality 2: The client’s buying experience is more powerful than any sales technique.

Sales reality 3: Authenticity – Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Sales reality 4: Value is in the eye of the beholder.

Sales reality 5: Not ALL sales techniques are bad.

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Indigo’s business development expertise and knowledge of the professional services sector provides a compelling service to law firms and accountants, where often sales & marketing is not a key focus.Coaching & training in these areas can create many more enquiries and in turn gain many more clients.

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