Customers do not buy from you because you understand your products – they buy because you understood their problems

Indigo Sales & Marketing Coaching & Training

Before you invest a penny on sales & marketing coaching or training, it’s worth considering:

  • Is everyone coachable/trainable?
  • Are the managers ready to support it?
  • Is coaching/ training going to solve the problem?
  • Will the format fit the business need?
  • Can the individual delivering the support relate to your team?
  • How will you know that it’s working?

Develop your skills and improve your pipeline and conversion to sales. If you fail to ensure that you are always working with new opportunities effectively, you will never have a robust sales process. Qualify, qualify and also qualify out! Furthermore, ensure you understand the sales process fully.

Have you polished up your clients buying experience?

That’s what makes you stand out from the competitors. Recognize the importance of consultative selling and practice a methodology that works for you and your team. Skills need to be embedded and practice – it’s a change of mind-set.

  • How to prospect effectively – Different approaches, building confidence, activity levels.
  • Engaging on a different level – Consultative selling.
  • Client bonding skills – How to keep clients for the long term.
  • Powerful questioning techniques – Showing your real value to the client.
  • Problem mapping – A powerful exercise that can transform your positioning.
  • Identify and improve all steps in the sales process – Work through each step to assess strengths or weaknesses and gain control of your business growth.
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