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It’s all about the right activity.

Sales figures must be planned and monitored just as people plan their finances. In order to plan sales, you need to understand the life cycle of your business. It is then that you should understand your sales conversion figures. Every activity undertaken should be measured. This becomes empowering. Once you have a comprehensive understanding of these figures you can really take control of your sales revenue.

  • Managing and monitory the sales plan – Implementation and keeping the focus for long term results
  • Strategic alliances – Developing and managing high level relationships with other businesses to bring further opportunity to your business growth

And it’s all about attitude!

Sales teams work best when they are not micro-managed and when they are motivated to do their very best. They will thrive on good support and working with a dynamic team, all pulling together.

We will help you to:

  • Succeed in your most demanding sales management situations – continually guiding you to develop, refine and apply the necessary skills to develop your sales people
  • Learn powerful ideas and techniques – to focus on your goals
  • Identify and remove any operational barriers to the sales process – ensuring your team has the tools to succeed

“Indigo provided the guidance to focus our sales efforts and work towards a model that could be both successful and scalable. This model was a combination of sales channels and the appropriate mix of marketing to deliver the right cost per sale.”

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