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There are only two ways to fail – think and never do OR do and never think!

Indigo can help you define and achieve a long-term growth plan. This starts with reviewing your target markets and positioning:

Steps include:

  • Analysis on all potential markets – there could be some you haven’t considered
  • Segment into target groups – who they are and why they buy
  • Problem mapping – to identify real problems and needs of your clients

Then, we help you to develop a value proposition that optimizes these opportunities. This is key to the overall success of any plan that you implement. Interestingly, every single business that we have worked with, requires more thought in this area.

You will then have a clear, compelling and credible expression of the experience that a customer will receive from your company, that is measurable and adds real value. The value proposition is not a description of what your organization does for a customer or a vague benefits statement. Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

From this, businesses should then review areas such as:

  • Market positioning – does the company marketing collateral portray the correct messages?
  • The marketing plan – How effective is this currently and how can this align to the sales strategy?
  • Routes to market – consider a varied and cost effective integrated approach that’s measurable, manageable and includes a variety of activity

A full sales strategy requires a much more than these initial steps, but this is the key to the correct positioning so that we can move forward effectively.

Our business is quite complex and specialist and it was important for us to work with a company like Indigo, who could understand our offering and target market. Dawn worked with us to create a sales strategy and ensured that we were fully focused on the activity that was required to grow the business.

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